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Electrical Failure Analysis

Isolate subtle electrical issues that affect yield, performance, or reliability

Shrinking technologies, new materials, and more complex structures are driving defectivity, especially where the circuit design is particularly sensitive to process variation. These non-visual defects reveal themselves as electrical faults that downgrade device performance, threaten reliability, and destroy yield. The problem becomes even more complex when failures occur at the device packaging stage. High-density interconnects, wafer-level stacking, flexible electronics, and integral substrates mean that failure-inducing defects have more places to hide-making characterization more difficult, and more critical, than ever.

Meet our newest innovative products

Our latest next-generation products focus on advanced analytical capabilities for failure analysis and process control. These solutions are designed to help increase productivity in semiconductor fabs and labs by improving quality control and yield in the manufacture of 3D NAND, logic, DRAM, analog and display devices. 

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Products for Electrical Failure Analysis

OptiFIB Taipan Focused Ion Beam for Semiconductors
To meet the stringent circuit edit requirements of the 10nm node, the OptiFIB Taipan Focused Ion-Beam system was engineered to meet the challenges of advanced designs and processes. A new coaxial ion-photon column, electronics, chamber and stage enable a highly controlled beam profile and current, accurate navigation and ion beam placement, and reliable end-pointing. An updated chemical delivery system provides industry-leading etch and deposition chemistries.
Meridian 7 System for Semiconductors
The new  Thermo Scientific™ Meridian 7 system provides visible laser voltage imaging and probing and dynamic laser stimulation on sub-10nm devices. By avoiding a requirement for ultra-thin substrates, it preserves the integrity and functionality of the device under test to provide a reliable and practical production solution. It offers a 25 percent optical resolution enhancement over the previous-generation system and has a smaller spot size for better fault localization. In addition, the new Meridian 7 system offers more certainty in navigation and computer-aided design (CAD) overlay, less cross-talk and higher waveform signal-to-noise.
Hyperion II System

The Thermo Scientific™ Hyperion II System offers fast, accurate transistor probing for electrical characterization and fault localization in support of semiconductor technology development, yield engineering and device reliability improvement. The unparalleled stability of the Hyperion II System enables nanoprobing down to the 10nm technology node and beyond.

flexProber System for Semiconductors

The flexProber is our newest SEM-based nanoprobing platform, providing electrical characterization and fault isolation capabilities for process development, device design debug, and failure analysis. 

nProber III System for Semiconductors
The Thermo Scientific™ nProber III system allows users to characterize individual transistor performance down to the 7nm node. nProber III system can also be used to localize a wide variety of electrical faults prior to extracting thin sectional samples for physical failure analysis in a transmission electron microscope (TEM). The high accuracy fault localization provided by the nProber III system can dramatically increase TEM fault imaging success rates. nProber III system productivity and ease of use make it an ideal solution for optimized failure analysis workflows.
Meridian WS-DP System for Semiconductors
The Meridian WS-DP system provides full-wafer electrical fault analysis under production conditions, accelerating development and ramp of advanced devices. With time-to-yield being critical to profitability, it is too costly for advanced foundries, integrated device manufacturers and fabless companies to  wait until after dicing and packaging to identify the source of electrical faults. Meridian WS-DP EFA enables faster defect localization by using production testers, load boards, and probe cards.
Meridian IV System for Semiconductors
The Meridian-IV electrical failure analysis (EFA) system provides industry-leading sensitivity for fault localization and analysis. The Meridian-IV system is the preferred choice for developers of advanced, low-voltage, high-density semiconductor devices requiring best-in-class performance and the ability to diagnose wide ranging failure modes, including parametric failures and those resulting from design-process marginalities.
Meridian V System for Semiconductors

Optimized dynamic LSM platform
• Performance optical path for best imaging
• Architecture supports automated test equipment (ATE) docking and back-side (B/S) analysis
• Mobility for the lab; high power cooling options

Proven on 14nm technology node
Meridian M System for Semiconductors
The Meridian M system system uses high sensitivity broadband DBX™ photon emission and Static Laser Stimulation techniques to pinpoint the location of electrical faults. Given results from wafer sort / chip probe, the Meridian M system delivers localization suitable for nanoprobing or imaging techniques such as SEM or TEM. 
ELITE System for Semiconductors

Defective or underperforming semiconductor devices often show an anomalous distribution of the local power dissipation, leading to local temperature increases. ELITE system utilizes Lock-in IR Thermography (LIT) to accurately and efficiently locate these areas of interest.

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