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1400 ºC Heating Stage

The 1400 ºC heating stage is the total heating solution to record in-situ morphological sample changes during heating up to 1400 ºC.

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Key Benefits:

  • Continuous in-situ imaging of live dynamic heating experiments by detector-safe solutions
  • One supplier, total system responsibility for the microscope and the heating device
  • Sample heating in operator selected specimen chamber environments; e.g. inert, and many oxidizing and reducing gases
  • Easy-to-use, Fully software controlled
  • High Accuracy and robust design
  • Includes heat compatible GSE detector
  • Programmable heating cycles
  • Manual with tips and hints
  • Two 1400 ºC and one 1000 ºC heating stage are supplied.


When temperatures exceed 400 ºC, the specimen must be shielded with a swing-arm heat shield to prevent convective heat loss and to protect the EDX detector. The heat shield can be biased to optimize signal detection. Additionally, the sample can also be biased to this purpose. The bias of both heat shield and the sample are controlled by the microscope control software.
The heating stage itself is controlled through a microprocessor-controlled power supply, providing set-point temperature control and LED read-out with 15 ºC accuracy. The stage is fully controlled through the software with the possibility to define ramp/soak profiles.
A dedicated ceramic GSE detector with a special insert is also provided, as the standard GSE and insert should not be used for heating experiments.
Training is highly recommended to be ordered with the 1400 ºC Heating Stage.
Samples are contained in 5-mm ceramic or graphite crucibles and can be ordered separately as consumables.

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