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Falcon 3EC Direct Electron Detector

The Falcon 3EC fully integrates into a fast, automated workflow on the Thermo Scientific™ Titan Krios and Talos Arctica. Not only has the detector sensitivity been improved, but so has the handling of data produced by the detector. Now, when using an workflow that features the Falcon 3EC, you will be able to achieve high throughput and faster time to data without compromising performance. And it is easy to use, especially for non-microscopists.



​The Thermo Scientific™ NanoEx-i/v is a single-tilt TEM specimen heating and biasing holder for in situ S/TEM imaging and elemental analysis at elevated temperatures.​

NanoEx-i/v is the ideal solution for precise experiments in a wide range of applications that require in situ heating of nanomaterials, such as studies of nanoscale annealing behavior, phase transformations in metals, structural changes and sintering phenomena in catalyst nanosystems, quenching, segregation/diffusion phenomena, and more.


Phase Plate

Increase contrast and retrieve more information from delicate biological samples with the FEI Phase Plate. Engineered for high quality, stability and longevity, the FEI Phase Plate is the ideal companion to demanding cutting-edge Cryo-TEM biological research.


TOF-SIMS Detector

The TOF-SIMS detector (Time-of-Flight secondary ion mass spectrometer) enables very sensitive surface analysis for many industrial and research applications. The technique provides detailed elemental and isotopic information about the sample and is capable of depth profiling analysis.


1000 °C Heating Stage

The 1000 °C heating stage is used to heat samples and record in-situ morphological sample changes.


1400 ºC Heating Stage

The 1400 ºC heating stage is the total heating solution to record in-situ morphological sample changes during heating up to 1400 ºC.


70° Tilt Cryo-transfer Holder

The Gatan 70° tilt cryo-transfer system enables frozen suspensions or sections to be loaded into the TEM holder and transferred frost-free at temperatures below -170 °C.


Acoustic Enclosure

The acoustic enclosure is a cover that fits the various pump(s) of the microscope system. It provides noise dampening of the pump(s) for operator and microscope. Check which enclosures we have available for your instrument.


BioTWlN Low-Background, Single-Tilt Holder

TEM specimen holder constructed to eliminate the stray background peaks in the X-ray spectrum.


Carbon Deposition

Gas chemistry solution (Naphthalene) for Ion or Electron beam deposition of Carbon-based material, mounted on any of the available GIS ports.


CDEM Detector

Channel Detection Electron Multiplier (CDEM) for direct ion imaging and ion-induced secondary electron imaging. The geometry of the detector is optimized for imaging with the ion column resulting in excellent Signal/Noise in ion imaging, as opposed to the Everhart Thornley SED which is optimized for S/N in electron imaging.


Centaurus Detector with Back-scatter Tip

The Centaurus detector is a retractable, scintillator-type, back-scattered electron detector.