TMS 2017 - Pre-show workshop

Avizo 3D Analysis Software for Materials Science

Sunday, February 26th 2017 | 1:00PM – 4:30PM
Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina
South Tower, Level 4, Catalina Room
San Diego, California USA

This course consists of a lecture and hands-on exercises intended for new or existing users of Avizo software. The material covered in the training will introduce advanced 3D visualization and processing solutions for materials analysis. The course will highlight the important features and unique functionality of Avizo.

After a quick introduction, attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions, see live demonstrations, and use the Avizo software. Temporary licenses will be provided.

Attendees must bring their own PC with suitable 3D graphics board for course participation. 
We will email information about software distribution, system requirements, and installation up to one week before the course.

Who should attend

Imaging scientists, researchers, directors of Imaging Centers, radiologists, microscope operators, nano- and micro-CT operators, scientists and researchers interested in doing quantitative analysis of 3D data will benefit from this workshop.


This workshop is free to attend, however advanced registration is require and seats are limited. 
To register and receive a temporary software license, complete the form above.
This course is scheduled to coincide with the TMS 2017 Annual Meeting & Exhibition (TMS2017) but is offered and organized by FEI.
Registration for TMS 2017 is not included but can be obtained by visiting the official event organizer's registration site.
Exhibition registration is not required to attend this course.

To schedule a private meeting please contact us.

Workshop outline:

  • General introduction to Avizo software
    • 3D visualization (slicing, volume rendering)
    • 3D image processing and segmentation
    • Surface and 3D mesh generation
  • Hands-on session
    • Quantification and advanced measurements, including porosity
    • Fiber analysis
    • Skeletonization and image-to-simulation workflows
    • Material properties simulation, e.g., pore network modeling, permeability
    • Tasks automation


Trevor Lancon operated micro-CT and SEM/EDS systems in the Cardiovascular Pathology Laboratory at Texas A&M University to inspect biomedical devices while studying radiological and nuclear engineering before joining FEI. Currently, he enjoys helping Amira and Avizo users develop solutions for their 3D analysis challenges. Lancon’s favorite aspect of supporting Amira and Avizo is the contribution he can make to researchers’ conclusions by training them in image analysis.

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