Webcast: Novel approach for advanced TEM sample prep in minutes instead of hours

Faster and easier access to high resolution TEM data

Al_Lamella.pngThe characterization of materials via high-resolution TEM (HR-TEM) requires the preparation of several thin samples with uniform properties, meeting a range of distinct criteria: the preparation should be site-specific and repeatedly deliver high quality lamellas with a thickness that captures only the region of interest.

Building on more than 20 years of expertise in DualBeam™ (FIB/SEM) technology, we have developed a semi-automated TEM sample preparation process which can be used by users of any experience level to repeatedly and routinely prepare high quality samples – reducing sample preparation times from hours to minutes, all while maintaining the highest possible quality.

FEI’s range of DualBeam instruments offer the capability of both highly localized sample preparation and high-resolution sample analysis. Site-specific cross-sections and S/TEM samples through disparate materials can be prepared using FIB milling, while simultaneous SEM imaging can be used to monitor the TEM sample preparation, allowing the section to be precisely positioned. HR-TEM imaging is thus easily attainable with these reproducible, high-quality samples.

By watching this webcast you will learn:
  • How to routinely prepare on-the-grid TEM lamellas without being an expert.
  • Achieve predictable and robust results for many materials in under 30 minutes per sample.
  • Improve the quality of TEM lamellas via semi-automated, low-energy polishing.
  • Increase TEM data collection productivity and quality. 

You will also learn about:
  • Optimization of the milling direction by orienting the TEM lamella in an easy and repeatable manner in any direction using the EasyLift™ fully integrated manipulator.
  • Easy preparation of TEM tomography samples for high-resolution chemical mapping with TEM ChemiSTEM™.
  • In situ STEM imaging during TEM sample preparation for feature targeting, thickness control, and lamella uniformity.

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